Every Bird Has His Day

The real question is: will grandma cook opossum for Thanksgiving this year? Opossum may not be on many Montana menus this Thanksgiving season, but a century ago, serving opossum seems to indicate the height of class. While browsing Chronicling America’s database of Montana newspapers I came across a page from the Thursday, November 24, 1892 … Read more

Brother Van

No doubt many people are getting ready for long trips to visit relatives this Thanksgiving, so here’s a story about Brother Van, one of Montana’s most famous travelers. As an itinerant Methodist preacher during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, William Wesley Van Orsdel probably logged more miles crisscrossing the state than anyone else in history. … Read more

The Boulder Bath O’Lava

The Richest Hill on Earth…the largest placer deposit in history…Southwest Montana has more than its fair share of mineral wealth. Ever wonder why? The Montana Department of Transportation has a couple of Geological Roadsigns answering that very question, and I’ve summarized them here: The Elkhorn Mountains northwest of Townsend were not always the peaceful mountain … Read more