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Archive | March, 2014


Granite Ghost Town

Granite ghost town, once a city of three thousand, sprawls over the top of a mountain southeast of Philipsburg. Today, only a few dozen buildings remain, scattered throughout the trees. Some, like the mine superintendent’s house, seem to be in the process of restoration, others, like the Methodist Church, are noticeable only because of a […]

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The Pilot and the Cathedral

Here’s a tale that has all the trappings of a good Montana yarn. Legend has it that some time in 1945, a military fighter plane roared through Helena and flew sideways between the twin spires of the Helena Cathedral before disappearing over the mountains to the north. I first heard the story as a kid, […]

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Follow Mollie Atwater through Southwest Montana

March is Women’s history month and 2014 marks the centennial of women’s suffrage in Montana. By happy coincidence, I just finished reading Pioneer Doctor: The Story of a Woman’s Work by Mari Grana. The book follows the life of Dr. Mollie Atwater, a physician who worked in the mining camps of Bannack and Marysville before […]

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