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Archive | April, 2014


As Old as Dirt

A drive through the Prickly Pear Canyon, on Interstate 15 north of Helena, makes a perfect afternoon drive.  The narrow, twisting canyon offers, arguably, the best stretch of driving on I-15.  Below the road, Prickly Pear Creek (and further north, the Missouri) twists like a blue cord on the narrow canyon floor.  Cliffs, in bands […]

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That hat, oh, that hat.

The Old Man, Fly Fishing, and a Hat

When I grow up, I want to be Norman Maclean, author of A River Runs through It. Think about it, he spent a lifetime as one of the most acclaimed professors at the University of Chicago before retiring to the woods of Montana, where he spent his days writing, fishing, drinking bourbon, wearing an amazing […]

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Girl from the Gulches

If I’m not careful, my mind will relegate Montana’s gold rush days to a dusty haze of saloon brawls and hangings, populated by a pungent assortment of what Laura Ingalls Wilder might call “rough men” using “rough language” (yes, a twenty three year old guy did just quote By the Shores of Silver Lake, and […]

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Montana’s American Pastime

Monday marked the official opening day of baseball season (because Australia is a make-believe land and games that happen there don’t count) which has turned my mind to thoughts of spring, and America’s pastime in Montana: In a 1970 article for Montana: The Magazine of Western History, Duane Smith made an interesting observation: the National […]

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