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Archive | June, 2014

Thomas Dimsdale
courtesy of Bannack Association

A Post About the Post

People have been chronicling the doings of Montana for almost as long as Montana has been around.  Montana became a territory in May, 1864, before that, it had been part of the Idaho Territory.  By August of 1864, Montana had its own newspaper, the Montana Post.  According to the Montana Historical Society, John Buchanan published […]

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What on earth does 3-7-77 mean?

Recently, Brian Dunning aired a piece on his blog Skeptoid discussing the Montana symbol 3-7-77. In it, Dunning covered much the same ground as anyone else who writes on the topic: the fact that the Montana Highway Patrol and other Montana institutions use the numbers in their logos, the five or so main theories, and […]

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The Montanan Called Spokane

May, 1889. The boisterous crowd at Churchill Downs went silent as two horses lunged for the finish line, well ahead of the rest. One was the massive Proctor Knott, a Kentucky horse, winner of the Futurity, and the obvious favorite. The other was Spokane, a much smaller horse, whom the Chicago Daily Tribune quoted as […]

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