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Archive | October, 2014


The Dead Bring History Alive

Even the ghosts at Bannack talk about history. That is the lesson learned from this year’s hugely successful Bannack Ghost Walks. Throughout the month of October, guides led groups of visitors on nighttime tours of Montana’s first gold rush town. Perfectly normal. Except for the ghosts. The past residents of Bannack wandered the streets once […]

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Take a Tour in Butte

I am a big proponent of parking the car and simply wandering through a town’s downtown (or in the case of Butte, uptown) district, impulsively buying snacks along the way. In Montana, where even the biggest downtowns are only a few blocks square, this works out quite well. Even so, it is nice to have […]

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Boulder Hot Springs is a Really Cool Place!

Boulder Hot Springs Inn and Conference Center perches halfway up a hill three miles from Boulder. More than forty hot springs bubble to the surface on the property, reaching from 140 to 170 degrees. Water from the springs fill the swimming pool, steam rooms and plunges, and heats the entire hotel, greenhouse and chicken coop. […]

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Taking a Trip to Tizer Gardens

When you go to Tizer Gardens, it is worth knowing what you’re getting into. You can go knowing nothing about the place and have a really good time. But if you know facts then your enjoyment turns to wonder. Tizer Gardens is the only full time operating Botanic Garden & Internationally Accredited Arboretum in the […]

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Chinese in Montana

A large mural occupies one end of the barrel vault window in the Montana state capital. The picture represents the driving of the final spike of the northern pacific railroad. Ulysses S Grant stands in the front, wielding a sledgehammer. Several proud businessmen flank him. Typical Montana types fill out the rest of the painting-prosperous […]

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