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Archive | November, 2014


Windbag Tales

I think that most people who go to the Windbag Saloon do so to say that they ate in a former brothel. Don’t get me wrong, the food is good, but it’s really the notoriety that draws customers. The Windbag operated as a brothel, first under Ida Levy, and then under “Big Dorothy” Parker. The […]

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Ivan Doig’s Prairie Nocturne

Admittedly, most of Ivan Doig’s Prairie Nocturne takes place beyond the scope of this blog-largely in the far-flung reaches of New York and Central Montana’s Rocky Mountain Front-but I couldn’t pass up an excuse to reread it. With my sincerest apologies to Whistling Season, I think that Prairie Nocturne is Doig’s best work. For one […]

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Elephant Graveyard

I ran across this post on the Montana Moments blog the other day, it’s too absurd to pass up. Here it is in my own words: A white board fence blocks off a square of earth at Dillon’s Beaverhead County Fairgrounds. The fence encloses a small tree and a square of granite. The granite memorial […]

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