Headframe Spirits: A Blogger’s Dream

Headframe Spirits is a travel blogger’s dream: it is a craft distillery that relentlessly promotes Butte, tourism, history, and (of course) good booze. Although only founded some five years ago, Headframe wants you to know that when you drink its products, you drink Butte history. Each of their products is named after one of the historic headframes in Butte, and each description contains a connection between the character of the mine and the character of the drink. Take for example, Anselmo Gin, a “unique blend of twelve different botanicals” named after the Anselmo Mine, a unique “zinc mine in the copper town.” Anselmo miners “had to reach deeper to earn their pay” and the distillers “reached deeper” to develop the gin’s flavor. Just as the drinks express the personalities of their namesakes, Headframe wants to express the personality of their town. They have bottled and distilled the personality of Butte into a remarkable brand. With a bit of a rough and wild side (they are making booze after all, not soda pop) Headframe’s line of products reflects a diversity of flavors. Their innovative distilling technique that replaces “bath” distillation with “continuous flow” reflects Butte’s history as a place of innovation and industry. Headframe is as committed to Butte as it is to craft liquor. They have decided to consider the welfare of Butte in every business decision. It is, like I said, a travel blogger’s dream. I know that when I advise people visit Headframe Spirits, not only am I guaranteeing the visitors a quality, delicious, authentic experience, I am guaranteeing the promotion of Butte. 

img_0219At Headframe Spirits, they believe helping the Butte economy is the best way to help themselves, which should be the belief of every business in every town. This means they have their fingers in a lot of pies. Like the Orphan Girl film, which is a short story documenting a day in the life of a miner at the Orphan Girl Mine. They sponsor many of the festivals and events in Butte, and are planning on building the largest distillery west of the Mississippi in Butte. Their self-proclaimed goal is to make Butte rival Kentucky, Scotland, and Ireland as a destination for distillery enthusiasts. This is a goal I heartily agree with on so many levels. When you listen to Courtney McKee talk about her dreams they not only seem reasonable but entirely possible. You begin to wonder why on earth no else has thought of building the largest distillery west of the Mississippi on the once richest hill on earth.

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