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Leave Only Footprints

The weather in Southwest Montana has taken a turn. By no means is the spring/summer heat upon us, and yes there is still snow on the ground, but these few warm days have us looking forward to long summer nights under Montana’s big sky. Our state is renowned for wide-open expanses, incredible CM Russell skies, genuine hospitality, and unspoiled nature.

The mountains and rivers of Southwest Montana beckon, calling visitors to explore their depths. Montana is a paradise for outdoor recreation, and as they say… “take only memories, leave only footprints.”

Front Range near Augusta

Blackfoot Pathways: Sculpture in the Wild | Lincoln, MT

Blackfoot River

Avon Creek

Butte America

Historic Uptown Butte

Monida, MT

Monida, MT

Downtown Helena Montana

Downtown Helena


Where will the road take you in Southwest Montana?

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