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Ennis Signs and Statues (part 2)

The town of Ennis may very well have more pieces of art per capita than any other small town in Montana. Unfortunately, apparently high noon doesn’t provide the best light for pictures, here are the best: This life-sized sculpture by John Dolan graces the beautiful grounds of the First Madison Valley Bank. Huge fiberglass fish, […]

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Ennis Signs and Statues (part 1)

The storefronts and signs in Ennis serve equally well as advertisements and works of art. Here are just a few pictures of the many fascinating storefronts on Main Street that I took during a recent trip to Ennis. The Ennis Cafe, one of the musts in any visit to Ennis: homestyle food and delicious pies. […]

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Haunting the Ghost Town

We rolled into Virginia City around 9:00 am. Not a single car sat on the street. At the bottom of the hill, the dark windows of the visitors’ center looked blankly out at us. Turns out there’s not much going on in Virginia City at nine on a Tuesday morning. In fact, most of the […]

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Montana Folk Festival | Butte

Montana Folk Festival

The National Folk Festival is a three day celebration of traditional performances, art and foods from around the world. It travels around the country, changing location every three years. Four years ago, organizers in Butte invited the National Folk Festival to Montana. Tens of thousands of visitors poured into Butte. The talent and wide range […]

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Red Rock Lakes

Majestic Trumpeter Swans faced extinction in the 1930s.  These massive birds weigh between 20 and 30 pounds with wingspans up to 8 feet and have an appetite to match their size.  Swans need 20 pounds of aquatic plants a day.  Ideal swan habitat can support a large population (they are very social in the spring), […]

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Tips for Traveling with Pets

For many of us, a trip through stunning Montana would not be complete without our animal best friend at our side. The abundance of outdoor adventures makes Gold West Country a canine paradise. Cats might enjoy the car trips, too. Although pets will love the destination, traveling can be stressful. Here are a few things […]

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Come to Lewis & Clark Caverns State Park

The Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park is now open for tours and the summer program schedule has been made! Cave tours are offered daily and Park naturalist, Tom Forwood, will lead the Thursday evening campground programs and Saturday wildflower walks. Friday evening programs are given by guest presenters, usually in the campground amphitheater. For […]

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