The Southwest Montana Travel Planner

directory_cover2In February, Southwest Montana unveiled their 2015 Travel Planners. These slim booklets feature some of Montana’s best photographers in luscious displays that should make even those most likely to stay-at-home crave a Southwest Montana adventure. These new travel planners had me dreaming my next trip, which is handy, considering my job. The travel planners make it very easy to turn dreams into concrete plans. Every location featured in the magazine doesn’t just receive a prose description. Every location also shows up on a list and in a map. I’ve noticed that a lot of travel guides tend to focus on Helena and Butte. Even this blog sometimes runs the risk of being to Helena- and Butte-centric. But the 2015 planner does a very good job of listing activities, adventures, and locations all across Southwest Montana. The 2015 travel planners break Southwest Montana into digestible chunks, offering a full list of accommodations in every community in the region. With sections devoted to history, sightseeing, outdoor recreation, arts and culture, breweries and distilleries, communities, events, accommodations, guides, and state parks, you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for, no matter how you want to explore Southwest Montana. And after looking through the pictures in the planner, and reading the descriptions, you will definitely want to explore Southwest Montana.

Call 1-800-879-1159 for more information, or to order a planner. You can also order or download a planner online.

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