Memorial Day Links

In my experience, the best way to predict Montana weather is to look at the calendar. Memorial Day and state track meets both mean rain. I hope that next week is absolutely beautiful, but if the weather forces you indoors, feel free to follow these links. Most of these sites don’t have much to do … Read more

The Chief of Editors

Ok, I know that Missoula isn’t in SouthWest Montana, but last week the Editor-in-Chief of National Geographic came to the University of Montana as part of the Journalism School’s centennial celebration. For a blogger, that’s the pretty big deal. Nat Geo is the absolute pinnacle of travel storytelling. I skipped trivia (and cheap microbrew) night … Read more

The Forgotten Celts

So, pasties. A Butte staple. Delicious pie-pastry pockets stuffed with potatoes and meat. Sometimes topped with brown gravy. If you haven’t had one before, you should get one. Right now. Go ahead, I’ll wait. Pasties are sort of the Northern European version of a calzone and in Butte they are strongly associated with mining, and … Read more