Park to Park Memories

In honor of the coming centennial of the National Parks Service, Southwest Montana bloggers Bert and Katya sat down to share some of their favorite memories of visiting Montana’s National Parks. During the conversation, the same topics kept coming up. Below is an edited version of the conversation: On driving: Katya: Nearly all of my … Read more

Park to Park: 10 Things to See Along the Way

One of the most popular road trips in the state is to drive from one National Park to the other, but this trek from Yellowstone to Glacier covers over 270 miles, leaving plenty of exploration between the two! Here are some suggestions for what to do on the original route from Park to Park! So … Read more

The Benton Road

The route from Yellowstone to Glacier meets all the requirements of a perfect road-trip road: it is well maintained, it’s short enough to allow for plenty of stops along the way, the scenery is spectacular, and it is bookended by the best National Parks in the west. The route also follows one of the oldest … Read more

Southwest Montana June Events

Southwest Montana comes alive in the summer with festivals, events, and activities galore. Whether you prefer rodeos set against the stark backdrop of the Rocky Mountain front, or enchanted gardens on gurgling creeks, there sure to be something that will tickle your fancy this June. Gears for Beer, Virginia City  – The 2nd Annual Virginia … Read more