Haunted Helena

With news of gold in Grasshopper Creek, the gold rush officially began in Montana in the summer of 1862. It was gold that drew thousands to Montana and established some off the region’s most prominent towns. On July 14, 1864, four men (known today as the Four Georgians) set up camp along Last Chance Gulch … Read more

Canyon Creek Charcoal Kilns

With their conical shape and tumbling walls, the abandoned charcoal kilns of Canyon Creek have a slightly spooky air today, but the area would have been no less eerie during the kilns’ heyday in the late 1800s. During the charcoal-making process the kilns billowed clouds of smoke–first white, then yellow, then blue–for days, and the … Read more

Bear Trap Canyon Rafting

Whitewater Rapids in Bear Trap Canyon, From the BLM

If you follow the braided channels of the Madison River north of Ennis, you’ll come to Ennis Lake, a favorite summertime haunt for swimmers and boaters. Continue northward, and the leisurely floating gives way to adrenaline pumping adventure as you plunge into the whitewater rapids of Bear Trap Canyon. Although the 6,000 acre Bear Trap … Read more

The Gates of the Mountains

Visitors who come to the Gates of the Mountains area to boat on Missouri River, hike through the mountains, and marvel at the steep limestone cliffs are part of a tradition that probably stretches back more than 1,300 years. Much has been written about Gates of the Mountains over the years, but it’s hard to … Read more

10 things to do in Butte

With everything we’ve written about Butte over the years, I was amazed to see that we hadn’t pulled together a Top 10 list. Maybe it’s because narrowing it down to just 10 is too daunting of a task. Since its beginnings in the 1870s, Butte has been a cornerstone of Southwest Montana life. From the … Read more

Helena’s Last Chance Stampede and Fair

The Last Chance Stampede and Fair is celebrating its 60th Annual Event this year! It’s annual events like these that bring us, and so many others, coming back for more. The Last Chance Stampede and Fair takes place each year during the last week of July. The event kicks off with a country music concert … Read more

Helena’s Walking Mall

The Helena Walking Mall is a staple in the Helena community. Whether you are looking for live music, a simple stroll, window shopping or a bite to eat, you’ll find a little bit of everything. If you are looking for things to do on your trip through Helena, the Walking Mall won’t disappoint. The Creek … Read more