On the Riverway: Summer Fishing in Southwest Montana

One of the beauties of writing for a Montana tourism blog is that it doesn’t need a lot of salesmanship. The state pretty much sells itself. Don’t get me wrong, I could talk all day about the extraordinary beauty of Montana’s diverse rivers, that range from hurtling boulder-strewn cascades to imperturbable meanders through wide, grassy … Read more

You’ll Find Me on the Riverbank

Fishing in Southwest Montana

  Three hundred and some forty odd years ago, Izaak Walton put pen to paper and started crafting what is still today one of the most famous odes to fishing: The Compleat Angler. Part field guide, part cook book, part story with some songs and poems thrown in, The Compleat Angler has all of the ornately … Read more

Meander through the Big Hole Valley

If you’re looking for an adventure in Southwest Montana, chances are you have a few criteria in mind. Remarkable scenery, history, wildlife, preferably off the beaten path, and good camping, and maybe a few interesting towns to stop in along the way. If that’s what you’re looking for, then you should start planning a trip … Read more

Spring Road Trips

Road Trips

Well, the first day of spring has come and gone. The mountains are still thick with snow, but things are slowly starting to melt, and maybe, just maybe, you are starting to get some spring fever. You want to be out and about but it’s not quite time for camping/hiking/fishing. We have just the thing. … Read more

Leave Only Footprints

The weather in Southwest Montana has taken a turn. By no means is the spring/summer heat upon us, and yes there is still snow on the ground, but these few warm days have us looking forward to long summer nights under Montana’s big sky. Our state is renowned for wide-open expanses, incredible CM Russell skies, … Read more