Helena Hikes

Mount Helena | Southwest Montana

Take a look at a map of Helena. It’s a small city surrounded by green. That green means public land, and public land means hiking. The mountains around Helena are absolutely full of extraordinary hiking opportunities. In fact, there’s something like 70+ miles of hiking options within walking distance of downtown. There are a whole … Read more

These are a few of my favorite birds

Sandhill Crane

After last week’s post about birding in Southwest Montana, I’ve spent most of the week thinking about my own favorite birds. Like I said last week, nearly three hundred species of birds pass through Montana, and there’s no way I could begin to talk about them all. What follows is little more than the impressions … Read more

Navigating Butte’s Folk Fest

Butte’s annual Montana Folk Festival is one of the highlights of a Southwest Montana summer. This free, three-day, six-stage extravaganza features an eclectic mix of musical genres and vendors. Every July, more than 20 artists come from across the world (not to mention the Montana artists), 30 food vendors, and 50 arts and crafts stalls … Read more

Anaconda’s State Parks

In the Anaconda area, there are three state parks that should draw your eye: Anaconda Smoke Stack The Anaconda Smoke Stack dominates the valley between Butte and Deer Lodge. At 585 feet tall the Smoke Stack is one of the tallest free-standing masonry structures in the world and cuts an imposing figure against the foothills … Read more

Lewis and Clark Caverns

Of all Montana’s wonderful state parks, Lewis and Clark Caverns is probably the most memorable. Situated in the winding and scenic Jefferson River Canyon between Whitehall and Three Forks, the park offers 3,015 acres of hiking, biking, wildlife and bird watching, camping, and fishing. But as you may have guessed from the name, it’s not … Read more

Let’s Go Catch a Fish

When we mention fishing in Southwest Montana, most people tend to think of casting flies on one of our extraordinary rivers, or dropping a line into one of the pools of our boulder-strewn mountain streams, and fair enough. Perhaps less well-known are the lakes scattered around the region. From small remote mountain lakes like Bean … Read more