Montana Heritage Center

It’s a groundbreaking day in Montana Heritage. By that I mean that Montana Historical Society has finally broken ground on their long-awaited new Heritage Center. This exciting new project will enable the Montana Historical Center to new and fuller stories of the state, including new exhibitions showcasing many of the treasures of the museum that … Read more

Celebrating Sarah Gammon Bickford, a Montana Story

For this week, we bring you a post from the archives, a celebration of the life of Sarah Bickford, a remarkable Montanan who arrived in Montana in 1870. Although small, there has been an African American population in Montana since well before it even became a territory, including E.T. Johnson the mayor of Helena in … Read more

The Early Beer

“You could leave beer to cool in the river, and it would be so cold when you got back it wouldn’t foam much. It would be a beer made in the next town if the town were ten thousand or over. So it was either Kessler Beer made in Helena or Highlander Beer made in … Read more

Wild History for a Sleepy Town

Today, Virginia City is a nice peaceful place to visit. You can wander up and down the board wall streets, buy some candy, a few souvenirs, maybe go to a play, and not once worry if you are going to find yourself smack in the middle of a riot. Oh how the times have changed. … Read more

Spend a Century at the Montana Historical Society

Every Wednesday in April and May, the Montana Historical Society in Helena is hosting a free lecture on a different part of Montana history. Over the two months, these lessons will cover roughly twelve thousand years of history. Of course, the historical record is pretty scarce for a lot of that time, so most of … Read more

Great Montana Women: International Women’s Day

In celebration of International Women’s day, we’ve perused our archives searching for the best stories about the remarkable women who have help to shape Montana, the nation, and the world. Of course, no such post could start without mentioning Sacagawea, the Shoshone woman who accompanied the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Despite her relative lack of … Read more

Haunted Helena: Grandstreet Theatre

The haunting of Grandstreet Theatre, which was originally the Unitarian Church built in 1901, is so famous that it is included in Haunted Places: The National Dictionary. Progressive Unitarians designed the church to double as public space, and so the sanctuary also functioned as a public auditorium with sloped seating, a beautiful proscenium arch, and … Read more