Celebrating Sarah Gammon Bickford, a Montana Story

For this week, we bring you a post from the archives, a celebration of the life of Sarah Bickford, a remarkable Montanan who arrived in Montana in 1870. Although small, there has been an African American population in Montana since well before it even became a territory, including E.T. Johnson the mayor of Helena in … Read more

A Confection Connection

Southwest Montana was settled in the late 19th century when gold was discovered in the region. The gold rush drew people from far and wide in hopes of solidifying their future. Many of the region’s towns share a similar story; it is a story of undiminished hope, a rich strike, and eventual growth. While nearly … Read more

Wild History for a Sleepy Town

Today, Virginia City is a nice peaceful place to visit. You can wander up and down the board wall streets, buy some candy, a few souvenirs, maybe go to a play, and not once worry if you are going to find yourself smack in the middle of a riot. Oh how the times have changed. … Read more