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2020 Living History Schedule

Join us in Virginia City and Nevada City for a summer of living history! With a theme each week, you will find individuals in historic period dress while demonstrating historic skills and ways of life. These demonstrations will engage visitors of all ages, with opportunities to pan for gold, shadow a blacksmith, and more!

The War Drags On

June 6-7
The War Between the States drags on, dividing citizens' loyalities while the hardships of the west unite them in their pursuit of riches and survival.

News from Home

June 13-14
News of President Lincoln's assassination made headlines April 29, 1865! With heavy hearts we swathe the town in black. On a high note, Lee surrendered and the war is over. Our boys are comings home.

Ways West

June 20-21
While one's own two legs was a fine way to make it to Nevada City, there were many other options. Everyone has a tale to tell?

Sowing the Season

June 27-28
The season of darkness is over and the season of sun and labor has begun! Join us as we finish off the last of the winter provisions, begin planting for harvest, and deep clean our homes.

Independence Day

July 4-5
Now is the day we celebrate our country's independence. For the first time in a few years we can celebrate it as a whole nation again! Bless our Union boys! Parades!! Fun and games!! Pies eating contests!! Red!! White!! Blue!!

Children’s Weekend

July 11-12
Oh, to be a kid again: chores in the morning, then school, then back home for more chores, and then... Oh the fun! Who would'a thought rolling a hoop down the street would be fun?

Women of the Gulch

July 18-19
Women went west for many reasons and for some the west brought freedom, for others, fear. Find out who's thriving, who wants to go home, and what do they hope the future will bring for themselves - and their daughters?

Explore the Trades

July 25-26
The tinsmiths and blacksmiths are moving in. Leather crafting and dying are in demand. Cobblers, weavers, and wheelwrights set up shop. Our little mining camp is growing into a town!

Modern Medicine?

August 1-2
From amputations to typhoid the doctors and midwives had much to attend to. How does the town respond to the epidemics that sweep through?

Beyond the Mining Camp

August 8-9
It takes more than miners to make a mining camp a home. A cook to keep him fed, a washerwoman to keep his clothes clean, and an undertaker when the miner settles down for the eternal slumber.

Making Society

August 15-16
One knows they live in society when there is easy access to entertainment, commerce, and good company.

Circle of Life – from Birth to Death

August 22-23
The Victorian era's most important moments, birth, childhood, romance, family, death - a weekend fraught with emotion.

Should We Stay or Should We Go, Now?

August 29-30
What to do, what to do? Head north to Last Chance Gulch? See what fortune waits back in the reconstructing states? Light out to Oregon? Hunker down for the winter? What would you do?

Preparing for Winter

September 5-6
As summer breathes its last, colorful breath over the valley and as the shadow of winter creeps down the mountain, the people start to prepare for the long, bitter season of darkness and loss. A season not everyone survives.

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* Schedule subject to change without notice based on weather and volunteer availability.

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