11 Great Music Performances in Southwest Montana this July

This was supposed to be “The Top 10 Live Music Performances in SWMT in July” but that changed to the Top 11, and then it changed to “Some of the Top Live Music Performances to see in SWMT in July” Because let’s face it, this list is nowhere near complete. It is just a list of some of the music events that I find most interesting. And even that isn’t entirely true, because if I wrote all of those down, I would go way over my limit. Oh, also, I had to cut the Butte Folk Festival out of the mix right away, even though that is one of the biggest events of the summer, I just thought it would be nice to highlight some others. And, obviously, I left out Fourth of July festivities, because that could have been an entire listicle on its own. One final note, some of these events happen at the same time as each other, but in different towns. So unless you have the capability to be in two places at once, you can’t actually attend all of the events on this list. If you do have the capability to be in two places at once, though, I think this would be a great way to use it. With those caveats, here is my in-no-way-complete list. Enjoy.

Hogan and Moss and the Old Weird America: Philipsburg on July 2, in Helena on July 6, and in Norris on July 9.

Choroloco: Helena on July 2

Betsayda MachadoHelena on July 6

Idaho Old Time Fiddlers: Virginia City on July 8

Varian Trio Norris Hot Springs on July 8

Birds of Chicago Helena on July 11

Dog and Grog Montana Microbrew Fest Virginia City on July 14-15

Symphony Under the Stars: Helena on July 15

Sista OtisDillon July 21

Phil Aaberg and Michael McNeilly Helena on July 21

Tango class and dance Helena on July 21


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