Ghost Towns in Southwest Montana

Ghost Towns in Southwest Montana Map
Virginia City Ghost Town Nevada City Ghost Town Pony Ghost Town Rochester Ghost Town Bannack Ghost Town Farlin Ghost Town Coolidge Ghost Town Glendale Ghost Town Quartz Hill and Vipond Ghost Towns Elkhorn Ghost Town Comet Ghost Town Rimini Ghost Town Charter Oak Mine and Mill Gold Coin Ghost Town Mine and Mill Granite Ghost Town Marysville Ghost Town Garnet Ghost Town

Montana is rich in history. Places where you can reach out and touch the past, where history can be felt as you walk the floorboards of ghost town streets or step inside dance halls or school rooms.

Experience the old west at its best in Southwest Montana. From the Meade Hotel in Bannack with its huge spiral staircase and original wallpaper to St. Timothy's Chapel in Southern Cross.

As you walk through the now empty buildings it is easy to imagine cowboys enjoying a game of cards, miners coming into town from their claims, families attending church services or children rushing for the school room bell. The past comes alive in Southwest Montana where evidence still exists of the rich heritage that is Montana.

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