Greetings From Southwest Montana

When you think of Montana, do you picture skyscraping ranges of snowcapped rock? A cowboy tipping his hat to greet you as he passes by on a boardwalk? Herds of elk under a sky so wide it seems to swallow you up?

Then you're picturing Southwest Montana. Hemmed by the snow-crowned peaks of Glacier National Park to the north and the geological marvels of Yellowstone National Park to the south, this vast region holds the best of what Montana is about.

Here you'll find a treasure trove of friendly, lively communities and intriguing 19th-century ghost towns. You'll meet a diverse mix of friendly people and have opportunities to glimpse the same wildlife Lewis and Clark encountered more than two centuries ago. When you're done exploring for the day, you'll find gems of places to rest your head - from campsites along crystal streams to lavish Western resorts.

Welcome to Southwest Montana. We're glad to have you.

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Meet the Locals

Southwest Montana's wide open spaces lend themselves to some incredible opportunities for wildlife viewing. Our region's diverse habitats are home to a wide variety of wildlife, or "the locals" if you will. From majestic elk and massive grizzlies to deep diving waterfowl and high flying raptors, you'll find a Montana's best in Southwest Montana. Make sure to bring your binoculars or even a spotting scope on your next Southwest Montana adventure.

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