406 Day: Celebrating Montana

The 406 is an incredible place to call home. Montana offers some of the most amazing views, residents are lucky enough to travel no more than 30 minutes in any direction to find an outdoor adventure of their choosing, the population may be growing – but there will always be a small town vibe, genuine hospitality is in no short supply, and they don’t call it the Big Sky State for nothing.

I set out to ask family and friends why they love the 406 – and the answer is better shared through images.

Outdoor Recreation in MT is limitless
@katieroberts09, @SarahBolt, @Jonatha_Habel
Big Sky Country
@KathrynRouxDickerson, @AlistairWGeorgeStewart, @KrisSmith
Road Trips
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Montana's number 1 industry - agriculture

Breathtaking Scenery
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@TeresaMichalski, @ToddMichaelLucas, @KirkStephens
Ghost Towns & A Rich History
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Craft Breweries & Great Company

We couldn’t ask for a better place to call home. Why do you love the 406?