Don’t Just Learn History. Live It!

Looking for an amazing event this weekend? You won’t be surprised to hear the Bannack State Park has you covered.

Not only is Bannack among the oldest towns in Montana, it is one of the best preserved ghost towns in the state. It is central to the founding of the state, and we end up talking about it a lot on the blog. You might know it for the incredible Bannack Days–the historical extravaganza it hosts the 3rd week of every July. Or, you might have the Bannack Ghost Walk on your calendar for later this fall.

But, it’s a long wait between July and October, and frankly, Bannack isn’t the kind of ghost town to sit back and take it easy. Enter the Bannack Living History Weekend. The Bannack Living History Weekend is a fantastic celebration of what makes Bannack so cool. It features carefully research historical reenactments of everything from a hunter and trapper city to a historically accurate street vendor and even a historical doctor’s office. I’m not an expert on 19th century medicine, but I’d recommend just looking at the doctor’s office, and not actually consulting the doctor.

Bannack’s Living Weekend starts today, and runs through Sunday (Thu-Sat 9:00-5:00; Sun 9:00-2:00). It’s always the cherry on top of the ideal Montana summer.