Montana’s Sweet Spot

As you drive through Southwest Montana, winding your way from Yellowstone to Glacier, you might just find your car parking in front of one of Southwest Montana’s delectable old-fashioned candy shops (cars have a funny way of pulling up in front of candy shops—at least ours does).

These candy shops are nuggets of sweetness scattered across the downtowns (sorry, Butte, uptowns) of some of Southwest Montana’s most historic mining towns. Some have been dishing out hand-made confections since before it was retro. Others are of younger vintages, but all are decadent, delightful oases of incredible candies, packaged with a deep sense of nostalgia for the old-fashioned candy counters of days gone by. Each has their own specialties. The Parrot, in Helena, for example, offers sundaes and sodas in addition to 130 varieties of handcrafted goodness, while the Sweet Palace and Cousin’s both pride themselves on their saltwater taffy. So, as you drive through Montana’s sweet spot, be sure to take a moment and stop to grab some fudge, some candy, some chocolates, or caramels to tide you over.

Southwest Montana’s vintage candy shops are:

Cousin’s in Virginia City

The Sweet Palace in Philipsburg

The Parrot in Helena

Shepperd’s in Butte

Remember That? in Butte


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