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Named after the ranching family that settled in the area as early as 1865, Harrison continues to serve as a hub for ranchers and grain growers in the Willow Creek Valley. Harrison sits on one of the direct routes to Yellowstone National Park at the foot of the Tobacco Root Mountains. Harrison provides easy access to Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park. Montana's oldest state park, Lewis and Clark Caverns features one of the most impressive limestone cavern complexes in the Northwest. Electrically lit and naturally air conditioned, the guided tour through the Caverns showcases Montana's unique geology with an impressive display of stalactites, stalagmites, columns, and helictites.

Although not as famous as the big fly-fishing rivers in the area, many anglers enjoy the North Willow Creek Reservoir and its especially energetic strain of rainbow trout. Harrison is also within a few miles of historic Pony, the indulgent Norris Hot Springs, and the fantastic camping and hiking in the Tobacco Root Mountains around Potosi Campground.

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