An exciting cross-country mix of road racing, mountain biking, and steeple chase, cyclocross started around the same time as the Tour de France. Cyclocross actually gained popularity as off season conditioning for road racers, becoming one of the most popular biking activities during the fall and winter.

About 75% of a cyclocross track is ride-able, the rest consists of obstacles that riders have to climb through, over, or around. In a state like Montana where even most towns have a few gravel roads, and terrain and conditions are always changing, cyclocross is an ideal fit. Races take place during the autumn months, giving many racers a chance to stretch their season by a few months. However, in Montana, most races stop by November, because at some point you just have to concede winter and either put on your studded bike tires, straddle your fat bike, or strap on a pair of skis. The best way to learn about cyclocross is to go to a race, either as a spectator or participant. Cyclocross is just taking off in Montana, so events have a local feel and welcome amateurs.

  • SouthWest Montana Cyclocross
  • SouthWest Montana Cyclocross

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