Ghost Itinerary: Butte to Deer Lodge

Ghost Itinerary: Butte to Deer Lodge

In Butte, Copper was King. In 1881, the Anaconda Copper Mine was purchased by Marcus Daly and by 1915, the mine was the largest producer of copper in the world. There is no question that Daly, William A. Clark, and Augustus Heinze (collectively the Copper Kings) built Butte. With Butte on the map, immigrants from around the world, especially from Ireland and China, began calling Butte home. This colorful history led to an interesting intersection of culture, much of which can still be found today. As you explore the area to meet the spirits, don’t discount the rich history that accompanies their personal stories.

Day 1:

Copper is King

  • Copper King Mansion
  • World Museum of Mining
  • Spooks & Spirits Tour

Today’s tour kicks off with a stop by the Copper King Mansion ... or maybe you chose to make the historic B&B your resting place for the evening. Either way, the former home of William A. Clark warrants exploration. With a taste for Butte’s rich mining history, it’s time to ​dig a little deeper​ with a visit to the World Museum of Mining. This is one of only a few museums in the world located on an actual mine site. The mine shaft, which visitors are able to tour, is said to be haunted by those who lost their lives on the job. Take the afternoon to explore Butte, grab a bite to eat, and then check out the Spooks & Spirits tour (offered by reservation only).

Copper King Mansion

This adorable Bed & Breakfast located in the heart of Butte, was originally the home of Copper Baron W. A. Clark. Construction began on this 34-room Victorian mansion in 1884 and was completed in 1888. Visitors can stay in the mansion, or swing by for a guided tour throughout the summer.

World Museum of Mining

The headframes litter the landscape of Butte. The “Orphan Girl” headframe is located in the World Museum of Mining and provides an opportunity to visitors to further explore the mining history of the area – underground. Join us for a tour of the mine, and explore the 66 exhibits found in the museum.

Spooks & Spirits Tour

For this tour, you will definitely want to call ahead! Hop on the historic Butte trolley and dig deeper into the haunted history of the Richest Hill on Earth. The tour will make a couple of stops – one of which will land you at Headframes Spirits Distillery. (406) 723-3177

Day 2:

Within Haunted Walls

  • Copper Village Museum & Arts Center
  • Lost Creek State Park
  • Old Montana Prison

Leaving Butte, head toward Anaconda, a city also built by the copper barons of the 20th century. Like many of the old buildings in the area, the Copper Village Museum & Arts Center has a rich history dating back to the late 1800s. Once the City Hall, the building is said to be haunted with manifestations wandering the halls. As you make your way toward Deer Lodge, stop by Lost Creek State Park. This is the perfect oasis located just outside of town. Pack a picnic or simply enjoy the opportunity to stretch your legs before hopping back in the car. Finish off the day exploring the Old Prison Complex in Deer Lodge, a structure that is almost undoubtedly haunted by infamous prisoners.

Copper Village Museum & Arts Center

The Copper Village Museum & Arts Center calls the former city hall home. While enjoying the museum, visitors have reported cold spots, disembodied footsteps, moving objects, and opening and closing doors. Some believe that a prisoner and fireman walk the halls of the building.

Lost Creek State Park

Lost Creek State Park rests just outside of Anaconda, providing a unique oasis and perfect place to get out and stretch your legs. The park features a waterfall, grey limestone cliffs and pink granite formations rising 1,200 feet above the canyon’s floor, watchable wildlife, walking paths, and camping opportunities.

Old Montana Prison

Possibly one of the most haunted locations in Southwest Montana, the Old Montana Prison Complex houses five unique museums: The Old Montana Prison, Powell County Museum, Frontier Montana Museum, Yesterday’s Playthings, and the Montana Auto Museum. They also offer paranormal tours several times per month.