Ghost Itinerary: Helena to Boulder

Ghost Itinerary: Helena to Boulder

Helena, like so many of Southwest Montana’s communities, was born on the boom and bust. Luckily for the Capital City, it didn’t meet the same demise. The remnants of the mining town however have left Helena haunted and begging to be explored. Dive into the history and maybe you’ll even have the privilege of meeting one of our resident ghosts. If Helena isn’t enough, make the trip over to Boulder, visit Elkhorn Ghost Town and spend the night at the Historic Boulder Hot Springs.

Day 1:

Haunted Helena

  • Marysville
  • Rimini
  • Grandstreet Theatre

Starting your ghostly adventure off in Helena, you will find countless places to stay from hotels to adorable Bed & Breakfasts, you might just decide to extend your stay and explore the area! The first stop leads you from Helena’s north valley along Lincoln Road. Take the turn off toward Great Divide Ski Hill, and you will arrive in Marysville, a semi-ghost town that hosts multiple buildings on the National Registry of Historic Places. Continue on toward Rimini where you will be met not only with the town site, but also countless recreational opportunities from hiking and fishing to ATV-ing. As you make your way back to Helena, schedule a show at Grandstreet Theater where you might just meet the ghost of Clara Bicknell.


Off the beaten path, and tucked away at the foot of Mount Belmont sits Marysville, just 20 miles from Helena and down the road from Great Divide Ski Area. In the late 1880s, Marysville boomed with the strike of gold, today visitors will find much of the town unchanged.


With only a few residents, the once bustling Rimini stands as little more than a reminder of what once was. By 1928, the district had reportedly produced over $7,000,000 in silver, lead, zinc, copper and gold. Visit the old town site and then explore the immense recreational opportunities.

Grandstreet Theatre

Originally constructed as a church in the early 1900s, Grandstreet Theatre has a rich history in the Helena community. Converted from a church to the public library, the building now hosts the community theater that brings a variety of plays and events to the area. It may even be haunted.

Day 2:

Historic Road Trip

  • Last Chance Gulch
  • Elkhorn State Park
  • Boulder Hot Springs

The Helena Walking Mall is the perfect spot to spend a few hours strolling through the adorable streets, packed with history, charming shops, restaurants, and more! Grab an ice cream cone from Big Dipper or stop by The Parrot, a local favorite before you head toward Boulder. Boulder, located in a beautiful valley is the perfect place to visit if you are craving an outdoor adventure with opportunities for hunting, fishing, hiking, biking and more. Drive up to Elkhorn State Park and then finish off the day at Historic Boulder Hot Springs.

Last Chance Gulch

Downtown Helena and Last Chance Gulch are a vibrant place for the community to gather hosting a variety of unique shops, restaurants, museums, and events. Last Chance Gulch was named after the strike of the Four Georgians who decided to make Helena their final attempt at striking it rich before returning East.

Elkhorn State Park

Backcountry roads settle you into a 19th century mining landscape before you reach historic Fraternity Hall and Gillian Hall nestled within the town of Elkhorn. These picturesque structures from the early-day silver-mining town are preserved as outstanding examples of frontier architecture.

Boulder Hot Springs

Boulder Hot Springs is a 100-year old historic inn, spa, and retreat center. Boulder Hot Springs promises visitors a unique experience, celebrating the rich history of the area. Step away from the hustle and bustle of life to relax and renew in the mineral water. Maybe you will even experience the hauntings of the inn.