The Beaverhead River of Southwest Montana

Beaverhead River

The Beaverhead River cuts almost due north, flowing for eighty miles from Clark Canyon Reservoir in the south to its confluence with the Jefferson River near Twin Bridges. Along the route taken by the Lewis and Clark Expedition in 1805, the Beaverhead is famous as one of Montana's premier trout fishing rivers. Although Interstate 15 follows the Beaverhead's course from Dillon south, the river twists and turns through private land, meaning that access can be difficult. The twisting waterway, limited access, and fluctuating water levels make the river quite challenging. The challenge, however, comes with rewards. The river boasts more trophy brown trout than any other river in the state. In the upper reaches of the river, massive rainbow trout flash through the water. These huge fish are fussy and suspicious, but a perfectly cast fly will land a trophy. With guides and outfitters along the river, and the towns of Dillon and Twin bridges on its banks, the Beaverhead offers the perfect venue to try your hand against the wild Montana trout.