The Ruby River of Southwest Montana

Ruby River

Remote and overlooked, the Ruby River provides the perfect venue for people wanting to escape the beaten path. In truth, the seventy six miles of the Ruby resemble a spring stream more than a river. The water is shallow, and the banks are close together and blanketed in willows, nonetheless, the Ruby River provides excellent recreation. The remoteness, shallowness, and lack of access conspire to keep the Ruby one of the most underfished waterways in the region, and it will surely reward anyone with the tenacity to fish it. In addition to the superb fishing, the Ruby offers a number of other possibilities. About midway down its course, the river broadens out into the Ruby Reservoir. Montana garnets cover the gravel and sand beaches of the reservoir, and rockhounds will have a ball prospecting along the shoreline. The campgrounds in the National Forest around the reservoir and the upper half of the river offer the opportunity to escape into the remote ruggedness of Southwest Montana. If you don't have time to camp, then drive through the Ruby River Backcountry Scenic Route. This gravel road follows the course of the river, offering unparalleled views of the Tobacco Root Mountains to the east and the Ruby range to the west.