The Sun River of Southwest Montana

Sun River

From its source deep in the Bob Marshall Wilderness to its confluence with the Missouri near Vaughn, the Sun River flows through some of the most beautiful land in the state. The North and South Forks of the Sun join together five miles above Gibson Dam to form the Sun River. Given their location in the Bob, neither the forks nor the first miles of the Sun are accessible by vehicle. Those willing to trek in, however, will be rewarded with spectacular scenery and very good fishing. Below Gibson Dam, the Sun River barrels through the Sun River Canyon. The three miles between Gibson Dam and Sun River Dam, and the twenty miles between Sun River Dam and Willow Creek Dam provide spectacular scenery, rewarding fishing, and a constant supply of Class II and III rapids. This chunk of the river is not for beginners, but experienced rafters and kayakers will enjoy shooting past the high canyon walls. The Sun River forms the northern border of Southwest Montana, and Augusta is only a few miles to the south. The area around Augusta offers unrivaled scenery and the Sun River is a vital part of the region.