The Wise River of Southwest Montana

Wise River

From the middle of the Pioneer Mountains to the town of Wise River twenty five miles away, the Wise River tumbles over boulders and rocks through beautiful mountain scenery. As one of the fastest flowing river tributaries in North America, the Wise resembles a mountain creek more than a river. Boulders and rapids pockmark the stream, making excellent habitat for trout, Arctic Grayling and Rocky Mountain Whitefish. The Wise can't be floated, but offers pocket stream fishing at its finest. In addition, the river flows almost entirely within the Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest, along the north half of the Pioneer Mountains Scenic Byway. The National Forest provides a number of campgrounds and hiking trails along the river, and the Byway makes access relatively easy. Although nothing like the better know Big Hole or Beaverhead Rivers, the area around the Wise River possesses a unique rugged charm.