Snowshoeing is the perfect introduction to Montana’s winter recreation. Generally speaking, if you can walk, you can snowshoe - no lessons needed! A snowshoe is designed to equally distribute one’s weight over a larger surface (hence the long and wide design) to make it easier to walk on snow and ice. The best part about snowshoeing is that it makes some of your favorite summer trails accessible year-round. Snowshoeing is gaining popularity as it provides the opportunity to explore a winter wonderland at comparatively low cost when looking at sports such as skiing and snowmobiling. Backcountry enthusiasts will utilize snowshoes to trek into some hard to reach locations and unlock some of little-known terrain for skiing.

If you’re looking for a winter activity for the whole family to enjoy, look no further!

Mount Haggin Nordic Ski Area: Over 25 miles of groomed trails that reach to the Continental Divide furnish spectacular Montana winter mountain vistas. 15 miles south of Anaconda.

Tenmile Lakes Trail: A 2.5 mile trail of moderate difficulty to lower Tenmile Lake. Approximately 30 miles southwest of Anaconda.

Lost Creek Falls Trail: A short .1 mile trail to the popular 50-foot Lost Creek Falls. 4 miles northeast of Anaconda.

Jackson Hot Springs Lodge: William Clark noted this hot springs in his journal in 1806. Near the Big Hole Battlefield and Bannack State Park. Cabins, full-service restaurant and a large western-style bar and dance hall, all centered around a natural hot springs mineral pool. 43 miles from Dillon.

Home Gulch - Lime Gulch Trail: A 15 mile trail with gentle to moderate grades offering views of Sawtooth Ridge and numerous types of wildlife. 25 miles northwest of Augusta.