Big Hole Battlefield to Jackson Bike Ride

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You’ll begin at the Big Hole Battlefield National Monument, the site of a skirmish between Chief Joseph’s rag-tag band of Nez Perce and the forces under the command of Colonel John Gibbons. The band of Nez Perce, forced from their ancestral home in the Wallowa Mountains of Oregon, were fleeing toward the Canadian border when attacked early one morning by the army. They quickly retaliated, and held the army troops in seige for two days before making good their escape. From the Monument, you’ll cycle through a pleasant valley given to mixed farming and ranching, and arrive at Wisdom, Montana. From Wisdom, turn south and ride toward Jackson. In Jackson be sure to stop in the Jackson Hot Springs Lodge to take a dip in the natural hot springs.The water is piped in a pool from local hot springs,and makes for either a great mid-day rest,or end of the day soak.


From Wisdom, go west on MT-43 9.5 miles to Big Hole Battlefield where the ride starts.


  • Location: Wisdom, MT
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Distance: 28 miles one way
  • Elevation Gain: 505 ft
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