Bike Trails

Bike Trails

There's no better way to breathe in fresh Montana air and feel the exhilaration of a ten year old, than biking your way through the scenery and towns of Southwest Montana. Whether you're gently pedaling around century old communities, road biking along our panoramic river valleys, or flying down single track through stunning alpine forests, we have something for everyone, at whatever level you're looking for.

Our bike friendly communities are perfect for family outings, solo discovery and everything in between. Slowly moving through our history rich towns gives you the chance to really get a feel for Southwest Montana while creating memories that will never fade. And yes, there's a good chance you'll find an old-fashioned bakery or ice cream shop awaiting you after an energizing ride.

If you're a road rider, you already know how the world slows down and you see things most people ordinarily pass by. Southwest Montana's stunning natural features and historic towns guarantee you'll leave the rest of the world behind. If you're a novice, you couldn't have picked a better place to enjoy yourself. Montana's inherent lack of traffic takes any intimidation out of the mix.

You know that Montana mountain biking is fantastic when riders from all over the state keep coming back here for more. There's gently rolling meadows and park like trails to learn on, and full blown backcountry thrills a minute single track to please the most avid biker. You won't run into many folks out on the trails, after all, this is Montana... but you may have to slow down and let a horseback rider or two pass by... again, after all, this is Montana biking.

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