Christmas Baking with Wheat Montana

One of my all time favorite Holiday Traditions is spending an entire weekend baking with some of our closest family friends. It’s a tradition we have kept up for nearly a decade and a half. We’re talking 2 families, 56 hours, and dozens (and dozens) of cookies. I clearly remember one year we had company from out of town and we brought my aunt to join us on our “Crazy Cookie Expedition,” the surprise on her face was undeniable as we waltzed into an empty home that was not our own. “Oh, don’t worry they’ll be home soon! We’re just getting started without them!” After all, there just wasn’t time to waste when we had a list of 16 types of cookies and multiple batches of each to make.

Now you’re sitting here wondering what blog you are reading … you were under the impression that you had clicked into a Montana travel blog and here you are reading about baking at home. Not to worry! We are getting to the good stuff. 🙂

Montana and its wide open spaces are known for agriculture. Rolling fields of wheat and barley are often pictured under our incredible big sky. Those pictures may feature a combine or grain truck, but darn if those images don’t make me nostalgic. With so much agricultural activity, agritourism is a big draw to Montana and Made (and Grown) in Montana products receive much deserved attention from locals and visitors alike. There is definitely a sense of pride that accompanies the purchase of Made in Montana products, and that list of products is not short! Stay tuned, we’ll be highlighting some Made in Montana gifts later in the week! Interested in the Made in Montana program? Learn more here.

With the holidays just around the corner, we have definitely been spending a bit of time in the kitchen and baking has us thinking about some Made in Montana products that might just be the perfect addition to any recipe! Enter Wheat Montana.

Wheat Montana has been a Montana staple since 1990. In 1978, Dean Folkvord and his father Dale started growing wheat near Three Forks. In 1993, the Wheat Montana Bakery & Deli officially found its home in Three Forks along Highway 287. This farm is the picture of the farm to table trend. As you drive along 287, you can see the grain being grown. Then you can stop by the Three Forks location, you will not only be at the site of the mill where packaging occurs, but you can enjoy a baked good or sandwich made right on site with Wheat Montana grown products.

All this to say that Wheat Montana flour and cereal are the perfect supplies for any home baking project. <3 And you can bet that our Cookie Extravaganza will feature Wheat Montana Flour will all over the counters, all over each other, and most importantly as a prominent feature in our Holiday baking!

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