Coming Together in Uncertainty

While our world continues to rest in the unknown, we’re continuing to focus on the positive. In Montana, we are privileged to say that we are constantly surrounded by natural beauty, and even in the hustle and bustle of “normal” life we can easily find the beauty in the little things.

We know the stress this pandemic has brought, and there is plenty of worry on each of our minds, but seeing our communities step up and come together has been nothing short of incredible.

Maybe it’s the simple act of doing something together – like howling for our healthcare workers and first responders.

Bo joins Jessie Curtis in howling for essential workers in Helena on Friday evening | Helena IR | Gary Marshall,

Or the pivoting of our local businesses to help supply the items desperately needed to keep us safe!

National Guard picks up Hand Sanitizer made by Headframe Spirits in Butte

Or seeing the incredible support of community members finding ways to come together in uncharted waters.

Maybe it’s the creativity and empathy that’s keeping us all entertained and smiling even when we can’t visit our favorite places (Exploration Works).

Or the incredible educators who are getting creative in their methods and never missing an opportunity to connect with their students.

East Helena Educators Parade
THOM BRIDGE, Independent Record

Or the incredible volunteers and donations that allow our Food Banks to stay open and provide the needed support to our neighbors <3

While now isn’t the perfect time to take that long sought after vacation, don’t worry. Montanans will be here supporting one another and our local businesses so when the time does come to take a trip to Montana (and that time will come) Southwest Montana will be here, ready to share our amazing communities with you!

We would love to know how your community (both in and out of Southwest Montana) are stepping up during this pandemic!