Get Lost this Fall in Southwest Montana

When referencing Montana, go to topics of conversation include: Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks, skiing, abundant hiking trails, packing trips to the wilderness areas, or even the winding dirt roads that connects one small town to the next. Most of these activities hit summer and winter travel, but what about the “off” season? Having lived in Montana for my entire life, let me share brief piece of insight: tourism season quickly drops off as summer comes to an end. So what does this mean for you?

  1. There are still countless activities and authentic Montana experiences to take part in.
  2. There are always less people crammed into those wide-open spaces.
  3. The closer we get to winter, the fewer fires will be burning. For the latest fire updates please visit the Montana Office of Tourism site.The leaves are turning in Southwest Montana

Let’s explore the advantage of getting lost in Southwest Montana, after all some things are just better in the fall.

  • Hot Springs: With temperatures cooling, the water feels perfect, but as you step out of the pool you don’t quite freeze.
  • ATVing: Southwest Montana boasts countless trails for all skill levels, and offers rental options and tours.
  • Ghost Towns: There’s something about the crisp fall air that accentuates those ghost stories.
  • Fall Festivals: The farmers markets may be wrapping up, but we will again gather the communities for the Townsend fall Fest, Butte-tober Fest, Tizer Garden’s Fall Fest, and more!

These are all great activities, but let’s be honest if an authentic autumn vacation in Montana is what you are looking for, you probably want an opportunity to Get Lost in Southwest Montana. A trip filled with birding, hunting, and fishing might just fit the bill!

Luckily for those of you looking for a way to Get Lost while on vacation, Southwest Montana is in no short supply of these opportunities. And, we have the resources you need to plan your perfect vacation to the area.

Wherever you’re traveling in Southwest Montana you are bound to find some amazing fishing opportunities. Southwest Montana offers high quality habitat for a variety of species, namely trout. Some of the best fishing spots include the Ruby River, the Big Hole River, and the Beaverhead River. These areas provide some of the best fly fishing in the state, however, if you prefer lake fishing, Southwest Montana has plenty of that as well. Along these lines there are countless outfitters that will provide you with the gear you need or offer guided fishing trips.

Fly fishing the Madison River

When it comes to hunting, Southwest Montana is truly a hunters paradise. We have countless outfitters in the area that we’ll provide you with the idea hunting vacation, whether you’re after a trophy elk a black bear or flighty upland gamebird, these outsiders will put together the perfect package for you. If you plan to go hunting on your own please visit the Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks site to learn more about regulations, permits, and season duration.

We have quite a few outfitters in the area, but if you are working on planning a fishing or hunting trip to the area, check out:

For more information on outfitters in the area check out our hunting and fishing pages!

Whether you are after a trophy elk, the elusive black bear, or the flighty upland game bird, Southwest Montana has what you are looking for.

Finally Southwest Montana offers a variety of birding trails showcasing a national wildlife refuge, to national historic sites, for wildlife management areas, state parks, five campgrounds and recreation areas, and numerous tracks of Bureau of Land Management and National Forest Lands. Each of these areas represent a unique combination of habitats offering a wide range of bird species for your viewing. If you’re interested in learning more about birding or would like to download a guide please visit our page on birding trails.

Birding in Southwest Montana highlights a variety of species

So what are you waiting for? Come Get Lost in Southwest Montana.


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