Hot Cocoa in Southwest Montana

After just yesterday when I suggested that we may not have a White Christmas in Southwest Montana, we were hit with a little snow <3 I’m going to err on the side of hoping that the snow sticks around – at the very least in the Mountains!

These cooler temperatures and the fluffy snow I can see from my office window have me craving yet another holiday favorite – Hot Cocoa!

The best part of Hot Cocoa, in my opinion, is how versatile it is.

You can head down to your favorite local coffee shop and chances are that even if they aren’t advertising it, the baristas can easily whip together a flavored cocoa of your choice. With the long list of flavors in a coffee shop this means anything from Cherry to Peppermint Hot Cocoa!

If coffee shops aren’t your scene, you can always pick up a package of hot cocoa to enjoy at home! There are a number of gift shops in Montana that sell huckleberry hot chocolate to tip the scales toward a true Montana experience. You can also find Hot Chocolate Bombs for sale – specifically, we found them at The Candy Shack in Helena while we were shopping for our Gingerbread Houses!

Not only can hot cocoa be made at home but you can add your own ingredients. I’m not saying it’s a must, but Stonehouse Distillery’s Cream Liquor is the perfect addition to a made at home hot cocoa! And I imagine some of our other Southwest Montana Spirits may also be a perfect hot cocoa pairing. Or maybe adding a candy cane is enough to satisfy your craving!

You can take your Montana experience to the next level by enjoying your hot cocoa in a mug purchased in Montana! Maybe it’s a ceramic mug from a local potter, a mug from your favorite shop, or even just a mug that reminds you of Big Sky Country!

Thanks to the coffee craze spurred by Starbucks, it’s a rare thing to be unable to find a small independent coffee shop in a community! Okay, you might be hard pressed in some of our smaller communities, but chances are you are within reasonable driving distance to enjoy a delightfully warm treat!

My personal all time favorite Hot Chocolate is served at Helena’s General Mercantile. As soon as you walk in the door, order a delicious cup of cocoa and then begin browsing! The shop is full of knickknacks and gifts that are sure to leave a smile on your face! Once your order is ready they will bring it to you to continue your shopping experience or you can grab it on the way out the door!

Some of the shops around the region – which is not a complete list by any means – include:

  • Oro Fino | Butte
  • Mountain View Coffee Co | Butte
  • Mining City Mud | Butte
  • Florence Coffee | Butte & Helena
  • Scenic Brew | Helena
  • The Hub | Helena
  • Moose Junction | Helena
  • 1889 | Helena
  • Coffee Coral | Anaconda
  • Sweet Water Coffee | Dillon
  • Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii | Dillon
  • The Atlantic Street Mercantile | Dillon
  • Sweet Things & Coffee Beans | Whitehall
  • Maples | Ennis
  • The Daily Grind Espresso Bar | Ennis
  • On the Fly | Ennis
  • Alder Creek Coffee | Sheridan
  • Hook and Horn | Wisdom
  • Coyote Coffee | Lincoln
  • 406 Coffee Cabin | Deer Lodge
  • Latigo & Lace | Augusta