Montana and COVID-19

I have friends scattered across the US and even a few making their homes in other countries. With the pandemic, our world has been thrown upside down. We are learning how to work remotely, how to function with increased isolation, and even how to maintain community amidst isolation.

In Montana … we are lucky. Montana is the 4th largest state, but we’re 44th in terms of population – that means there are about 7 people per square mile.

Spring Meadow Lake | Helena, MT

I had a conversation with a friend in Minneapolis the other day …  just to get outside she has to touch 4 or 5 communal surfaces. In Montana, I walk out my front door and am immediately in a safe place to walk, run, or simply soak up the sunshine. Even better, I am only a 10-minute drive from being completely surrounded by nature.

Even now, I am writing this from the Sagebrush Flats in Butte enjoying the sunshine and listening to the quiet whistles of the birds. It’s peaceful; my own little piece of paradise.

Working from Sagebrush Flats

Although coronavirus has hit Montana, and although as we reopen virus numbers are rising, we are lucky to be able to enjoy some of our favorite activities under the big sky.

There is no limit on hiking, fishing, climbing, biking, or running. And our incredible system of public lands make many of these activities accessible for nearly everyone.

Whether you decide to visit Montana this summer or not is up to you. If you do visit, we ask that you take part in the same social distancing practices as Montanans. Wear a mask while you are in public spaces (indoors for sure but if you are outdoors in an area where a six foot distance cannot be maintained), keep your distance, respect one another, and if you are showing any symptoms of covid-19 stay home or isolated.

Montana is built on tourism and it’s difficult to wrap our heads around a summer void of events – and yet, we are the lucky ones. Our incredible access to nature and the wide-open spaces of Montana make even social isolation seem possible.

Fishing in Southwest Montana