Ode to the Road (Trip)

The time has come to start planning one of the best Montana summer traditions: visiting both Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks. If you don’t feel like hopping onto your private jet and zooming from one park to the other, then you’re going to need to participate in another great Montana tradition: planning a road trip. There’s something truly wonderful about planning a road trip. Even if its just Google Maps or the surprisingly handy MDOT highway map, maps promise adventure in every line. With a map in your hand, you can take charge, you can plot the course.

Always good advice, but you might want a map with just a bit more detail.

With a map in your hand, you can dream. It starts with thinking about where to get snacks and gas, and then you realize that really, Virginia City isn’t that much of a detour and that a pasty in Butte would make an excellent lunch, then you remember that you heard Philipsburg has unmissable small-town charm, or that everyone only has great things to say about Lewis and Clark Caverns…and suddenly getting from Yellowstone to Glacier (two of the most extraordinary places in the country) has become so much more than just getting from point A to point B. It has become an adventure in its own right. An adventure within your adventure. An everlasting gobstopper of adventures.

What is this thing?! Without a road trip, you’ll never know! (but also, we wrote about it a few weeks ago)

This month, the blog is dedicated to the everlasting gobstopper of adventures that is the trip between Yellowstone and Glacier. Sure, you could easily make the trip in a day, but why would you want to, when there is so much to do? A good road trip gives you the freedom to roam, to go just that little bit slower, to just that little bit more. From hot springs, to candy stores, to caverns, to ghost towns, this month’s blogs will all feature not just the best ways to get from point A to point B, but all the best bits in between.