The Weather Outside is Delightful!

winterI don’t care what the astronomers say, winter is in full swing. And with Christmas just around the corner, I hope you find yourself with some free time. If you do, I hope you get the most out of all the activities that Southwest Montana has to offer.winter2

Winter Sports—It is cold, snowy and windy, and your only reasonable excuse for being outside is that you are doing something awesome. Examples of awesome include: skijoring, snow boating and snow kiting. Other legitimate reasons to be outside include skiing, ice skating at Bannack, ice fishing and snowmobiling.

Hot Springs—Nothing beats hot springs in the winter. They are the perfect way to relax after playing in the snow (or the perfect excuse to relax and skip the snow).

winter3Breweries and Distilleries—Ok, so alcohol doesn’t actually make you warmer, but the inviting atmospheres of Southwest Montana’s breweries certainly offer welcome reprieves from the elements. The seasonal craft brews at Blackfoot, Lewis & Clark, Philipsburg, and Quarry make braving the weather worth it. If beer’s not your thing, try Headframe Spirits in Butte, or Willie’s Distillery in Ennis.

winter4Cafes—Coffee and tea, on the other hand, do warm you up (unless you get it iced, but save that for summer). Anytime you get thoroughly fed up with the weather, go to a café (there’s far too many to list) and order a bowl of soup. Once you’ve eaten that, get a piece of pie and a mug of something hot. Even the nastiest of weather looks better through pie-goggles.