Two Weeks Until Spring…supposedly

Remember back in January when the theme of the blog was “things to do inside out of the cold?” What young, naive fools we were back then. January was remarkably temperate, and frankly, there was little reason not to spend most of the month out of doors. And then February struck, and like a “changing seasons” montage from a Disney cartoon, the entire world was suddenly blanketed in snow. Which, I have to say, was pretty amazing, first because I love snow, and second because our blog theme for February was snow-based activities. So we were pretty spot-on with our timing on that one.

And now March, which, two months ago, we decided to theme “Happy Snowman,” and I have problems. Because so far, we’ve had one of the coldest Marches on record. We’re only a week in, and even the snowmen think that, frankly, it could warm up 30, even 40, degrees and that’d probably be okay. I’m content knowing that -40 Fahrenheit is the same as -40 Celsius without experiencing it. We’re currently in the middle of that delightful Montana season where we can boast of being colder than parts of Antarctica (though admittedly it’s summer down there right now) and whip out our treasure trove of Montana’s other weather related records, which are usually so hard to fit into normal conversation.

This week has seen brutally cold weather, and record breaking lows across the state, but the good news is that we should start warming up again. And by “warming up” I mean we might be hovering above zero, but below freezing, for at least the first half of March. Temperamental spring snow definitely means that you need to take extra care about avalanches, but soon, very soon, everything we said last month about the joy of winter sports will be back in effect, and maybe even by next week we’ll be able to write a blog about genuinely happy snowmen. In the meantime, remember to take extra care–the weather’s cold, but the snow’s inviting, as long as you stay smart, bundle up, and take precautions.