Unexpected Locations for Montana Christmas Cards

When we set off on our 12 days of blogging to close out 2020, this was the post that we were most looking forward to. Southwest Montana is a quirky destination that is laden with history, unique landscapes and friendly communities. As you scroll through the blog, you will find some of our favorite topics: road trips, hot springs, ghost towns, fishing, and more. Montana has always been an outdoor paradise. Our wide-open spaces and incredible big skies beckon exploration. In addition to the immense amount of outdoor recreational opportunities at our fingertips, there is a wide variety of watchable wildlife that call this area home.

As we sit and reflect on 2020, we are able to pick out not only our favorite moments, but we can see just how lucky we are to live in such an incredible place. With restrictions still in place and travel difficult, it is likely that this holiday season looked different than most. When the holidays come around each year, we are left with what seems like an unending checklist. There are holiday parties to attend, cookies to bake, presents to buy, Christmas lights to hang and holiday cards to be sent.

Although some may consider holiday cards to be an outdated tradition, we love receiving updates from our friends and family. When you think of staging you holiday cards, you may consider in front of a tree, fireplace, or even a snowman. While a trip through Southwest Montana may not seem like the perfect backdrop for your heavily anticipated holiday card, you may be wrong.

Here are some perfect, yet unexpected locations to take your next holiday card photo!

Southwest Montana Ghost Towns | PC: Andy Austin
Crow Creek Falls | Near Radersburg
Helena Tour Train | PC: Wanderlust Crew
The Parrot Confectionery | PC: Donnie Sexton
Great Northern Carousel | PC: Amelia Mayer
Gates of the Mountains | PC: Amelia Mayer

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Montana Aware


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