Trail Uses on the Continental Divide Trail

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Continental Divide Trail On the Trail

The Continental Divide Trail exists for everyone to enjoy. While hiking is the most popular activity along the trail, there is no shortage of trail uses along the CDT. Depending on location and time of year, varying restrictions exist for trail use. The Continental Divide Trail provides opportunities for hiking and backpacking, horseback riding and packing; in addition to biking, skiing and more. Some sections allow of the use of motorized vehicles while others limit their use - be sure to check trail restrictions before setting out. Whether you are planning a thru hike of the 3,100 mile trail, or simply looking to spend just a few hours or days on Montana's Continental Divide, we are sure you will find a memorable experience.

Dig deeper into some of the most popular trail uses - hiking, biking, and packing - and their associated resources below!

Trail Uses