An Ode To Southwest Montana Thanksgivings

Thanksgiving is not about the food. It should be about thankfulness, and family, and friendship. But it is about those things in the context of a feast. A joyful celebration culminating in sitting around a table, and eating food together. It doesn’t have to be lavish or excessive. It can be–if you have twenty-ish people, all of whom are intent on bringing pies, and like their turkey prepared different ways–but it doesn’t have to be. As long as it is a meal, and a celebration, I say it works.

Other holidays are good too, of course. But Thanksgiving is something special. Something all its own. In the context of this blog, there is only one logical follow up question: Could you have an entirely SouthWest Montana? I think you could. And what could be more celebration worthy than a feast of SouthWest Montana produce? Turkey? Sure, we have those. Ham too (my family is weird like that). Potatoes? Definitely. Pie? Absolutely. SouthWest Montana is well known for its pie crops. Well no, obviously, you don’t grow pies. You build them, using flour from wheat grown in Montana and butter from cows milked in Montana and sugar, which may well be beet sugar from our friends over in Eastern Montana. Depending on what you want to put into your pie, that could come from SouthWest Montana too, or Montana at the very least.

The point I’m trying to make through all of the snark is that–despite the fact that the fields are barren and everything seems cold and brown at the moment–SouthWest Montana’s farmers have been hard at work all year to make sure that your Thanksgiving meal is an absolute success. So while you are tallying up the things you are thankful for this year, be sure to include SouthWest Montana agriculture in the list. And next year, why not try and see how much of your feast you can make with SouthWest Montana products.