Day Trip to Philipsburg

This weekend we had the opportunity to take a road trip to the charming town of Philipsburg, Montana. Knowing that Philipsburg is a popular destination for travelers (from both in and out of state), we were curious what may have changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and what visitors can expect when visiting Philipsburg at this time.

Upon arriving in town, the first thing we noticed was that there was no shortage of visitors – Broadway (the main thoroughfare) was packed!

The community of Philipsburg and the businesses throughout town are adhering to the guidelines set out by the Montana Governor, including the recent mask mandate. (Granite County has voted to require masks regardless of the number of active cases).

Everywhere we went, masks were being worn, there was hand sanitizer available, and a 6-foot social distance was being maintained.

If you choose to travel through Montana, make sure you are Montana Aware and help us slow the spread of COVID-19.

So, what are the highlights of a quick afternoon trip to Philipsburg?

Absolutely no trip to Philipsburg is complete without a trip to the Sweet Palace (unless of course you visit on a Saturday). As you walk through the door you will be asked to use hand sanitizer, but then as you begin to take in the rows of sweets you quickly become a “child in a candy store!” Sweets line the walls, the aroma of fresh chocolate fills the air, and the lure of fudge draws you to the front counter.

Sweet Palace, Philipsburg

Summer in Montana means some beautiful weather – often you’ll be met with blue skies and 85 – 95 degree weather … which is the perfect temperature for chocolate melting! With that in mind, take it from someone who has been there, consider holding off on a trip to the candy store until you are closing in on your departure! The last thing you want is a melty hodge podge of sugar!

Earth is the Only Planet with Chocolate

Next up was a little bit of Gem Mining! We stopped by Montana Gems of Philipsburg, but Gem Mountain and the Sapphire Gallery are located just across the street if you are looking for another option!

As we wandered through the small store, we were met with a number of different options for our mining experience. If you are looking for an onsite mining experience, they offer a number of different bags of gravel to choose; from gem gravel to a fossil bag there is something for the whole family! This time around, we chose the Fossil Bag. Once we had purchased our gravel we wandered outside and down to the water flume where we were given instructions on how to rinse the gravel and provided screens to do so.

Gravel Options for Mining

Broadway Street is packed with adorable shops that make wandering a must do activity! Whether you are looking for knickknacks, toys, clothing, jewelry or more you are sure to find it as you cruise in and out of the charming shops!

If the summer heat starts to get to you, the Philipsburg Brewery is the perfect place to rest your feet and enjoy a pint of craft brew! If you are looking for something a little more family friendly the Philipsburg Creamery won’t disappoint! Both are offering outdoor seating!

Creamery & Brewery

Finally, there is nothing more important than a nice meal among friends to top off the day! There are a number of restaurants with a variety of food options to satisfy any craving and the opportunity to enjoy a meal both in- and outdoors.

With just a few hours in Philipsburg, we only scratched the surface! What is your favorite part about a visit to Philipsburg, Montana? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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