Ennis Signs and Statues (part 2)

The town of Ennis may very well have more pieces of art per capita than any other small town in Montana. Unfortunately, apparently high noon doesn’t provide the best light for pictures, here are the best:

ennis_horseThis life-sized sculpture by John Dolan graces the beautiful grounds of the First Madison Valley Bank.

ennis_fish1Huge fiberglass fish, painted by local artists, dot Ennis, a nod to the town’s fame as a fly fishing destination. This sits in the Lions Club park, just outside of town.

ennis_fish2Dedicated to the memory of an avid fisherman, the plaque beneath this statue includes the line “If there are no streams in heaven, then I don’t want to go.”

ennis_fish3I like to think that the strange lighting in this photo of the fish outside the library makes it more artistic.

ennis_tractorThis antique tractor sits on the property of the El Western Resort and greets visitors to Ennis as they drive up MT Highway 287 from the south.

Other works of art, including more fish and Dolan’s iconic larger-than-life fly fisherman grace the town of Ennis, but even I could tell that the lighting wouldn’t do them justice. Come to Ennis to check out the beautiful artwork and numerous galleries!

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