Montana Heritage Center

It’s a groundbreaking day in Montana Heritage.

By that I mean that Montana Historical Society has finally broken ground on their long-awaited new Heritage Center. This exciting new project will enable the Montana Historical Center to new and fuller stories of the state, including new exhibitions showcasing many of the treasures of the museum that the public never get to see.

The Montana Historical Society’s Museum is already a must for any visit to Helena, and this expanded center promises to make the experience even better. We’re huge fans of the Montana Historical Society here at Southwest Montana Tourism, and with good reason: we’re constantly turning to books, blogs (here, here, here, and here), magazines, and even roadsigns produced by the MHS to bring our readers the most interesting stories of Southwest Montana. So we’re quite excited that there will soon be even more of the MHS.


2020 has been a rough year for absolutely everyone, and it’s been a tough time for the heritage sector, which relies on the support of the tourism industry. So this news is particularly welcome. The new Heritage Center will provide the MHS with more resources in their vital work of telling the many complex histories of the land we now call Montana, and it will bring more work and (when it is safe to do so) visitors into the Helena region and the state.

The new facility will be an extension of the MHS’s current building which will also receive a much-needed upgrade. The project has been over fifteen years in the making–state legislature first approved initial planning for the project in 2005, but it wasn’t until 2019 that more funding was finally allocated. This new revenue will provide funding not only for the new Heritage Center, but also for building projects for museums, heritage centers, and historic properties across the state.

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