Park to Park: 10 Things to See Along the Way

Glacier Park Lodge, East Glacier
Glacier Park Lodge, East Glacier
One of the most popular road trips in the state is to drive from one National Park to the other, but this trek from Yellowstone to Glacier covers over 270 miles, leaving plenty of exploration between the two! Here are some suggestions for what to do on the original route from Park to Park!

So here we go, a trip from West Yellowstone to East Glacier:

1. Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center | West Yellowstone, MT
The Center is an AZA (American Zooliogical Association) accredited non-profit. It takes bears, wolves, and raptors that couldn’t survive in the wild-either because they were orphaned, problems, injured, or bred in captivity-and gives them stimulating natural homes.

2. Norris Hot Springs | Norris, MT
Norris Hot Springs, or the self-proclaimed “water of the gods” is a geothermal feature located along the Madison River.  Native Americans were known to use the springs for healing purposes before the time of the white settlers; then, in the 1860s, miners built the original pool.  This is a great stop for a soak and an opportunity to take in the beautiful landscape, that some are lucky enough to call home.

3. Lewis & Clark Caverns | Whitehall, MT
The Lewis & Clark Caverns are Montana’s first State Park and offers a beautiful campground, trailhead, discovery center, and of course tour of the caverns.  The caverns have been shaped by the water in the area.  Drop by drop the beautiful formations of stalagmites and stalactites have increased in size, number and majesty.  This tour is roughly 2 miles long, and winds through an amazing natural formation.

4. Tizer Botanic Gardens & Arboretum | Jefferson City, MT
Set on 6 acres of land, Tizer Gardens offer an array of beautiful gardens to explore.  While visiting, don’t miss the Rose Garden, Wildflower Walk, Children’s Garden, or the Secret Garden.  This is the perfect place to pull off for a peaceful picnic lunch, stretch your legs, and appreciate all that nature has to offer.

5. Cathedral of St. Helena | Helena, MT
The ground for the Cathedral was purchased and donated by Thomas Cruse in 1905, construction started in 1908 and it was completed June of 1924.  The architect, Mr. A. O. Von Herbulis, suggested a Gothic style for the building which was then approved by the Building Committee and Advisory Board.  Today, the Cathedral is open for tours and will not fail to strike your hearts with awe.

6. Archie Bray Foundation | Helena, MT
This institute was founded in 1951, as an environment to stimulate creativity in ceramic arts.  This institute is internationally renowned as a “gathering place for emerging and established ceramic artists.”  You are free to wander around the grounds, poke your head in several studios, participate in Helena’s Geotour, and appreciate the wonderful history that surrounds you.

7. Gates of the Mountains | Helena, MT
The Gates of the Mountains boat tour is a Helena staple, offering insight to the history of the beautiful area.  A collection of stories, pictographs, rock formations, disasters, and discovery mark the land.  In 1805, the Corps of Discovery paddled their boats through the area, watching the rocky cliffs appear to open and close their way of passage.  In his journal, Meriwether Lewis wrote “I shall call this place: Gates of the Mountains.”

8. Two Medicine Dinosaur Center | Bynum, MT
This center was established in 1995, and since its conception has brought in over 5,000 visitors a year.  TMDC is a nonprofit dedicated to providing a hands on educational experience to their visitors.  In addition to their exhibits, the Two Medicine Dinosaur Center offers a unique opportunity to participate in an actual dinosaur dig, where you will learn field procedures, fossil recognition, excavation procedures, and area history.

Two Medicine Dinosaur Center, Bynum Montana
Two Medicine Dinosaur Center, Bynum Montana

9. Museum of the Plains Indian | Browning, MT
As you enter into the land of the Blackfeet, you may be interested in learning more about the Native American culture and influence in the area.  This museum highlights a variety of historic objects that were essential to the everyday lives of various Indian Tribes across the United States.  Founded in 1941, this museum rich in history, artwork, and culture has helped to education many passing through the area.

Museum of the Plains Indian, Browning Montana
Museum of the Plains Indian, Browning Montana

10. Glacier Park Lodge | East Glacier, MT
Nestled at the foot of the Rocky Mountain Front, the Glacier Park Lodge has served as a natural stopping point for visitors since the opening of the park in 1910.  This lodge was built by the Great Northern Railway in 1912 to satisfy the demand created by the travel.  Located just miles outside of the entrance to the park, this beautiful building is the perfect place to make a quick stop for a bite to eat, a souvenir, a step back in time, a quick cup of coffee, or a nice resting place for the evening, before finishing your journey from Park to Park.

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